Why You Should Get That Chip Fixed 

A chip or crack on your windscreen can easily become more than an inconvenience, which is unfortunate because they’re a normal fact of life when driving a car due to the stones/debris that other vehicles can throw up. So, what are you supposed to do when you get a chip to your windscreen and can you just ignore the smaller ones? 

Well, the answer to the second part of that question is no, you can’t. Small chips to your windscreen contribute to a decrease in the integrity of the glass making it more susceptible to breaking and cracking further. Chips will also create a gap in the protective layer that your windscreen glass provides, meaning that things like sunlight and dazzling lights will glare through your screen uninterrupted making it harder to see and increasing the chance of you getting caught up in an accident. 

It is also worth considering that it is far cheaper to take your car to get its windscreen repaired than it is to replace the entire windscreen because that chip has turned into a massive crack. Depending on the size and placement of the chip, it may also be illegal to continue to drive with it. For example, in the UK if the chip is over 10mm in diameter and interrupts the view of the driver, then it is illegal to drive with. 

So now that we’ve established that it’s probably not worth ignoring a chip until it becomes a bigger problem, what can you do about getting it fixed? The easiest solution is simply to call up a reputable windscreen repair company. You can take your car into one of their locations or even call out a technician to come and repair your windscreen wherever you are. Chip repairs usually take about 30 minutes and they involve using a type of acrylic which is injected into the chip. In most cases, you won’t be able to see any evidence of a chip at all after it has been replaced. 

Like with most things to do with car maintenance, it is always worth taking the time to deal with small problems as soon as possible, before they spiral out into something that is bigger and more expensive to deal with. 

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