Basic DIY Car Repair Everyone Should Know – Part 2 

A little while ago I prepared a list of a few bits and bobs of basic car maintenance and repair that everybody should be able to do, well now I’m back to add to that list with more pieces of car maintenance that you should really know how to do. 

Checking Tread Depth 

The tread on your tyres is all about how well they grip to the road surface, especially in wet conditions. The more you drive on your tyres the lower your tread depth will become as they are worn down by the friction with the road.  

So how are you supposed to know when your treads are too low and your tyres are in need of replacing? The common test here in the UK is to insert a 20p into one of your tyre treads and if the outer band of the coin is visible then you’re in need of a change of tyres. Obviously, that is far from scientific, so if you’re after a more accurate test then you should regularly take your car to the garage for checks or you can buy a tool to check the treads with yourself. Find out more in this video: 

Replace Wipers 

If your windscreen wipers never seem to be able to clear your screen properly, then you’re likely in need of switching them out with some fresh blades. Replacing your wipers is probably one of the easiest bits of car maintenance you can do, and you’ll have a massive quality of life improvement from actually being able to see out of that filthy, filthy windscreen you’ve been driving around with. 

All you need to do is left the wipers, press the little button you’ll find at the base and pop the blades off – some wipers use a hook system rather than a button and if that’s the case all you do is pull the wiper off. The new blades should just slot straight in and that’s you all done! 

If that is somehow still too complicated for you, then maybe watching this video will help: 

Dealing with Scratches 

Scratches to the body of your car can be incredibly frustrating, particularly if they were the result of someone else’s bad driving. While you might feel like simply shrugging them off, you should really try and deal with scratches appropriately so that your body doesn’t become susceptible to more damage or wear and tear. To get rid of a scratch you’ll need to lightly sand the area, apply some rubbing compound and then wax the area. This will protect your car from further damage and reduce the visual impact of having a scratched-up car. 

You can find out more about dealing with scratches here: 

Replacing Air Filters 

Nearly everyone forgets to look after their car air filters properly, but they’re actually a really important piece of equipment that can help to keep your engine healthy and clear of contaminants. Air filters also degrade with time, so you’re going to need to replace them one day no matter what. To change a filter, you’ll need to check your car manual to find out where the filter is, remove it, clean out the housing and then pop a new filter in. 

To help you out, here is a video to use as a reference although your car’s air filter location and procedure might be a little different. 

So, there you have it, hopefully now you’ll be able to look after your car that bit better and save some money too. 

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